The tragic tragedy of World War II in which 480 Japanese soldiers fell prey to crocodiles.

This unfortunate event, known as the Tragedy of Ramree Island, took place in 1945. The island of Ramree in present-day Burma has been home to crocodiles since ancient times. Thousands of sea crocodiles still live in this area. The Japanese Imperial Army captured Ramree Island in 1942. Thousands of Japanese troops remained here, and they were constantly plagued by mosquitoes, poisonous spiders, and scorpions. Due to the scarcity of clean water, they camped in the middle of the land.

January 25, 1945, British troops landed on the island to capture that island. They were preparing for a fierce attack targeting Japanese soldiers. Exactly 1,000 Japanese soldiers remained after the fierce fighting between them. On the night of February 19, 1945, British troops retaliated against retreating Japanese forces.

Soldiers were fleeing at night end up in a mangrove swamp. Outside this mangrove zone was a large forest. Japanese soldiers were forced to run across the mangrove lagoon to flee to the jungle and reorganize. But they did not know that a large group of dangerous animals was quietly waiting for them to dive into the area. At one point, British soldiers were horrified by the gunfire and the shouts of Japanese soldiers. They did not attack and waited in amazement at what had happened to the Japanese soldiers.

The following day they went to the lagoon, trembling with fear, unable to believe what they saw. The whole lagoon was red—the corpses of Japanese soldiers floating around in scattered parts. You were floating in the sea of ​​limbs. The British soldiers observed the environment closely and saw large crocodiles on the shore and in the water. They were responsible for the lives of Japanese soldiers in a most tragic way.

Bruce White, a British soldier who was shocked by sight, wrote a report in 1962: “It’s like hell on earth. It looks like floating meat. Giant crocodiles have torn them to pieces. Some crocodiles are more than 20 feet tall. When the hawks came to eat the scattered pieces of meat, the crocodiles went away. “ A later report put the number of Japanese soldiers eaten by crocodiles at 480. Five hundred twenty had escaped the crocodile attack. This incident is considered to be the worst tragedy in the history of world war. This set a Guinness World Record for the most animal deaths in a single location.