Larger ships also have tunnels.

Although tunnels have been built for rail and bus services, tunnels for large ships have not yet been created. (Currently, such tunnels can only be used by small vessels.)

The Kingdom of Norway will build the ship, as mentioned above, the tunnel, which is believed to be a marvel of engineering. It is said that the proposal was first made many years ago but was delayed due to various reasons. However, government approval has been granted to commence construction work on the tunnel.

The Norwegian Ship Tunnel is planned to be built on the Stad Peninsula. This mountainous peninsula is located in northwestern Norway. It is claimed that the previous tunnel will be built along this peninsula. Ships currently traveling in this event will have to sail around the cape while sailing from one side of the arm to the other.

This sea area is considered to be one of the most dangerous sea areas. The sea is often rough, and hurricane-like conditions are expected. As a result, ships sometimes have to wait for days at anchor in nearby ports until the ocean returns to normal. Needless to say, this is also a costly affair for shipping companies. To overcome this problem, they will build a tunnel that will not go around the Stutthawk Peninsula and pass through it. This tunnel will allow ships to navigate without danger and delay.

The tunnel is planned to pass through the narrowest point on the peninsula. So it will be possible to reduce the time and cost of construction. According to reports, this will be a tunnel about a mile (1.7 km) long. It is said to be 118 feet (36 m) wide. It will be about 108 feet (33 m) above sea level.
This is approximately the same height as a 10-story building. The depth of the water in the tunnel will be about 55 feet (17 meters). The construction of this great ship tunnel is estimated to cost around 2.8 billion Norwegian kroner.

Shipping across the tunnel will be controlled by a traffic light system.
Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022. The Norwegian Coast Guard says it will take three to four years to complete. It is said that about 8 million tons of soil will have to be removed while excavating the mountain area to build the tunnel.

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