Five big money robberies around the world

A tunnel to the Central Bank of Brazil (2 of 5)

In 2005, more than $ 70 million was stolen from the Brazilian Central Bank branch in Fortaleza. It was in a way that no one could have imagined for two days without entering through any door.

Three months before the robbery, a new business was set up near the bank. They do gardening. In return, they used extensive business promotion, using tactics such as distributing baseball caps for free and parking in front of a van with stickers. Like the outside, there was a deep movement inside the building. That, a massive tunnel.

Newly started business (

The thieves chose to set up a landscaping business to cover the tunnel digging to solve the problem caused by the soil brought in while exploring the tunnel. No one doubts that there are piles of mud all over the premises of a home gardening project company. The head of the business had also become friendly with the neighbors.

On Saturday, August 6, 2005, they entered the vault directly through the tunnel, disabling the security alarms and bringing cash to their building from there via a leash system. Seven stolen cars were used to transport money. It was only the following Monday that the bank learned that the home gardening business had disappeared as early as Sunday morning; at the same time, its money had disappeared.

Aperture and ladder used to enter the tunnel (

Police investigations revealed that the tunnel was 80 meters from the safe house, complete with electric light and ventilation and wooden and iron props. It had been set up for 4 months. Polythene covers were placed around the walls to reduce dust, and white powder was used to hide fingerprints. I had to climb a 2-meter long ladder. The store they rented had food, water, and unique clothing and equipment for digging.

The robbers, who also used nicknames such as Armadillo and The German, fled to various places. But things went wrong when one person started pouring out the money he had accumulated. As if to make his dream come true, Hay began to buy many cars, and he went to the police’s attention because of their suspiciousness. Based on the information received from him, he was able to catch more people.

Sixteen suspects were arrested with weapons used to dig a tunnel in a warehouse in the north of the city. It was gradually revealed that about $ 200,000 had been spent on the tunnel and that the 20 participants had invested about $ 64,000 each in the project.

“This could have been the biggest bank robbery in the world. The group has previously been involved in acts of violence, such as homicide, “said Fabio Lopez, chief investigator of The Guardian.

The tunnel (

There were new and old notes in the safe deposit box, and they had taken only old notes that the bank had not recorded. The bank was able to recover as little as $ 8 million. A film called Federal Bank Heist was also made about this story.

The robbery was carried out by a 35-year-old man named Alcio Gomis, who was convicted of leading a burglary in Paraguay the same year. At the time, they stole $ 13 million using grenades and rifles, killing a police officer. Could it have been his intention to peacefully pierce the bank (tunnel) this time without being as violent as that time?




Author for blessed minds. M.Sc. (in Psychiatry). Freelance writer, Motivational speaker.

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Barbara Lahir

Barbara Lahir

Author for blessed minds. M.Sc. (in Psychiatry). Freelance writer, Motivational speaker.

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